We attribute our success in the cleaning industry to the following key factors:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Building our business primarily on referrals from satisfied loyal clients
  • Consistently providing a high standard of customer service
  • In-depth screening of employees, including background and security checks
  • Proactive quality control programs
  • A commitment to ongoing training and development of our service team
  • Experienced management team

Human Resources

The MahlerClean team is trained to provide proactive service, and we maintain the highest customer service standards in the industry. Our company culture promotes a “We can do!” versus a “That’s not in the specs” attitude.

Our human resources department’s four core functions are recruiting, training, retention and continuous development of personnel. In an industry accustomed to very high turnover rates of 200-300%, we’ve successfully maintained a turnover rate that is less than half of the industry’s average.

MahlerClean uses a variety of recruitment methods to select only the best applicants to service your facility. Our database is continually updated with pre-screened, qualified applicants, allowing an immediate selection of qualified personnel when needed.

Recruitment methods we use include:

  • Employee referral programs
  • Networking with local organizations, colleges, high schools and non-profit organizations
  • Ongoing newspaper and online ads
  • Contact with the state employment departments and agencies

Staff training and development is a critical component to providing our clients with a positive service experience. We believe in investing the necessary time, effort and resources in order to provide our employees with the tools and knowledge needed to uphold our reputation and be successful in their job. Prior to job placement, all employees attend a classroom training session. Service Representatives also receive on-the-job training conducted by an account manager, night manager, or other qualified individual. Because each employee’s learning and retention ability can vary, we closely monitor the effectiveness of our training until an employee is fully trained.


Effective, proactive communication is the core of our service. MahlerClean utilizes the following communication methods to ensure efficient communication:

  • Management personnel use Blackberry devices to allow for mobile communications
  • A live answering service during non-business hours
  • Onsite communication log to document service requests with our onsite staff. This serves as a place for both parties to leave messages.

Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)

Consistent service is a critical success factor in providing long-lasting, high quality building maintenance services. To achieve such results, we developed our Quality Assurance Plan, which includes:

  • Scheduled and/or unscheduled daytime tours and written inspections of your facility by your account executive
  • Monthly unscheduled nighttime inspections from a member of our management team to observe crews and inspect their work
  • “Fresh Eyes” Visits: Members of our senior management team who do not normally tour your facility will inspect your building to look for ways to improve cleaning. Their feedback keeps our services crisp.
  • Housekeeping Committees are recommended for large facilities. Committees typically consist of representatives from your facility and our account managers and account executives. This proven method ensures your facility’s cleaning needs are assessed and communicated effectively.
  • Client satisfaction surveys are sent semi-annually to the appropriate client contact to solicit suggestions and feedback


Your facility’s security begins with the screening of our staff. We adhere to your company security procedures. To that end, we have instituted the following protocols to ensure security is a top priority:

  • Complete pre-employment background reviews are conducted on all MahlerClean employees. Checks include criminal records and previous employment, as well as employment eligibility verification. When necessary, we further customize background checks and hiring procedures to suit your needs.
  • MahlerClean’s service representatives are trained to follow your building’s security procedures, such as how to properly secure buildings and set alarms (if applicable)
  • Our service personnel are required to wear a MahlerClean uniform consisting of a t-shirt, smock or polo shirt and a photo ID badge for easy identification
  • We provide account binders to be kept onsite that contain necessary safety and facility specific information, including all legally required documents such as Material Safety Data Sheets
  • All MahlerClean personnel are insured against breakage, theft, damage, and lost keys/key cards. A certificate of insurance detailing the full extent of coverage is provided.

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